Blending Filipino and south eastern Asian flavors with French and Italian technique, Jordan‘s food is not only inspired by his travels, but by his father’s tutelage and grandmother’s soulful cooking.

There are many different ways to enjoy Chef Jordan’s cooking. Take a look at them below!




    Flip Sigi is the product of Jordan Andino’s chef-driven, fast-casual concept that focuses on amazing service, fun music and memorable food served in an atmosphere that is the antithesis of fine dining culture (…for the better!). Flip Sigi has gained popularity as the perfect introduction to Filipino tastes, textures and traditions to the American masses in an environment that reflects his personality: fun, vivacious and high energy. Specializing in tacos, burritos, rice bowls, burgers and bao buns, Andino’s original Filipino Taqueria® dishes out flavors in vessels that are appreciated by people from all cultural backgrounds.







    Being a chef in someone’s home goes beyond cooking great food, it requires great interpersonal skill, cleanliness above and beyond the standard, and the ability to cook for the most discerning palates in the market and that is exactly where Chef Jordan thrives. Using his magnetic personality and customizable cooking style, clients of all backgrounds continue to book Chef Jordan because the food and service style are as important and on a level comparable to his ingratiating attitude.









    Digital presentations of food and cooking classes are becoming more and more important and useful to large corporations, business teams and every day people. Enter Chef Jordan Andino and his impeccable style of presenting food in a digestible (PUN intended) and approachable format that all people from any background can understand and replicate. Chef Jordan Andino is akin to Facetiming your best friend and getting fun and easy cooking instructions in a timely and engaging conversation guaranteed to leave you full and smiling when it’s all done!


    For an exclusive, one-on-one experience as a couple, family, or corporate event – contact us for availability.