Bacon Mushroom and 4 Cheese Flatbread

Bacon Mushroom and 4 Cheese Flatbread

GUYS, here’s the recipe to the Bacon, Mushroom and 4 Cheese flatbreaf that I made on Instagram LIVE! Stay tuned & follow along because I’ve got more live sessions showing you how to make some of my favorite dishes on the way 💪🏾



– 10-12inch pre-made pizza dough: 1 pc
– Garlic/herb cheese spread: 1/2 cup
– Bacon: 4 strips cooked
– Truffle oil: 2 tblsp
– Veg oil: 1/4 cup
– Yellow/white onion: 1/2 pc, julienned
– Calabrian chili: 1 tblsp, minced
– Fresh mozzarella: 1/2 cup, rough shredded
– Ricotta salata: 3 tblsp, crumbled
– Pecorino romano: 3 tblsp, crumbled
– Cremini mushrooms: 1/2 cup, rough chopped
– Oyster mushrooms: 1/2 cup, rough shredded
– Shiitake mushrooms: 1/2 cup, rough chopped
– Fresh basil: 2 tblsp, rough chopped
– Flour: 1 tblsp
– Salt & pepper to taste


– Preheat oven to 550F
– In a large saute pan, heat on high heat for 2 minutes without moving pan/touching
– Add in veg oil & heat up for 1 minute on high heat
– Add in onions and all three mushrooms into saute pan, mix & cook for 6 minutes on high heat
– 3 minutes in, season with salt & calabrian chili
– Cook for remaining time on high heat & continue cooking until mushroom are crispy & there’s no excess moisture coming from mushroom mix (may take an additional 4-6 min on high heat)
– Once mushrooms are cooked & sautéed & lightly crispy remove from heat & let cool at room temp
– On a pizza peel or makeshift pizza peel (non stick baking/cooking sheet without edges so the pizza can slide onto pizza stone) dust the area where you’ll lay the pizza dough with 1 tblsp of flour so it can slide on and off
– With a rubber spatula, spread garlic cheese spread over the entirety of the pizza leaving about 1/2 inch of crust untouched
– Evenly spread bacon & mushrooms around the pizza distributing evenly so each bite has a good amount of both
– Evenly spread ricotta salt & shredded mozzarella around the pizza
– Top that layer with 1 tblsp basil & 1 tblsp pecorino romano
– Season with salt & pepper including the crust
– Place in oven for 8 min or until mozz cheese is fully melted
– Remove from oven & garnish with remaining pecorino romano, basil & truffle oil